New cream works! But then

Didn't the old cream too? Well,

Jump into ice cream!

We pass here but once
So don't be a dunce
Make the most of existence
Lo, travel the distance
Addressing what one confronts



© Port Whitman Times 2005
     Dad was always the family winner of the Life Saver Game. We all played, usually on long trips, when he'd bring packs of Life Savers, Spearmint and Doublemint gum from our store. To play, we'd each take a whole Life Saver squeezed off from the top of the pack, and put it in our furthest mouths to suck. Simply, the one whose remained whole the longest won the game. No prize, just the joy of beating the others.
     We all tried to keep dad talking, because we knew that was what generated the saliva that wet the Life Saver, otherwise it was no contest. He had some neat little dry pocket where he'd tuck it away, and when the first of ours broke and we all had to show, his would invariably be the biggest - you could still see the raised imprint that said "Life Saver," usually.
     He'd conserve & conserve, and we'd try & try to get him talking, only suc-ceeding at doing all the talking our-selves, with you-know-what result. Occasionally he'd talk enough so's it'd even matters up, and we got better as we got older, our mouths deepening. Now I'm the dad, and I get to win, cause my mouth is bigger, er, deeper.
     It occurred to me that dad's now playing the same game - more seriously - with his body. Seventy nine, he's going for eighty, then it'll be eighty one, two... got himself tucked away in a corner, not using any more than absolutely neces-sary, down in some crevice, dry, com-fortable happy, taking it one life saver at a time. 
Henry Francisco - PW Times 



New Camden Times

LIMERICKS© Port Whitman Times

Play at life, souls,
Essaying new roles;
Improvising's not bad
Styles are there to be had
Parts a-fusing to wholes

…Chasing of money…
Now ain't that funny
That one could worship
Beyond just milk and honey

As you grow older, do less
Lest life resolves to a mess
Of arduous action
That gains you no traction
For getting to Heaven's address

Re-conceiving souls
To focus on goals,
Auspicious persuasions
Give rise to occasions
That might rake us over the coals

Greet provocations
That stir aggravations
With redefinitions;
Reject admonitions
That poison relations

In music, as life
Harmonies rife
Lead to conclusions
Ear-pleasing transfusions
That neutralize strife

Henry Francisco