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If I were a bank robber, I'd think twice about going in and demanding money at gunpoint if I knew everyone in the place was armed with, and trained in the use of, a pistol. How is it that two gunmen can walk into a bank, start shooting, kill three people, injure 4 others, and get out alive? The only answer seems to be that while the criminals have the firepower, we hapless civilians are marooned out in the open like skeet to be fired upon at will by these crazies.
     If I owned a bank (as long as we're if-ing, we might as well carry it the whole nine yards), I'd build a firing range in the basement and make sure all the employees who worked on "the floor" were checked out on the range and carried guns, just like you see the cops do on Hill Street Blues, neatly tucked away in holsters, but there for all to see. After all, thieves go where the money is, and banks fill the bill. A robber would feel mighty vulnerable if everyone in the place had a gun, and anyone could trigger an emergency signal to point all guns at them.
     Innocent people are being led like lambs to the slaughter, with the bad guys calling the shots because their arsenals are met with no resistance. You may say having everyone carry weapons is too harsh in dealing with most bank robbers, but you don't know what kind of chemically altered paranoids you're dealing with, and what they'll do as a result. Remember they don't want the money for a college education or retirement, but more likely to fulfill idle fantasies of drug-induced nirvana, or other instant pleasures. Why give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately they create their own dog-eat-dog situation, and must be consumed in the process if they can't be deterred.  Henry Francisco

Mind-blowing ideas 

Come infrequently, sometimes 

When you least expect...

New Camden Times


Sensitivities rule
The mind of a fool
Unrestricted by sense,
Free rein given thence
To rejoinders uncool

The host who invites you to dinner
Might not be an absolute winner,
But hey, the food's gratis 
Consider your status
Enacting a role of tale-spinner

Being old and infirm-ish
Avoiding a skirmish
With youths who are sturdy
Might tag one as nerdy
Feeling a little bit worm-ish

Unintended consequences
Dents in our senses
Strike the world in which we live
Leaking through it like a sieve
(Better strengthen our defenses)

Henry Francisco

 Existence happens to you
So whattayagonna do?
For better or worse
Go forth or reverse
Before you bid life adieu