New Camden Times


How would you react
To being on the wrong track
Suddenly finding
Life a-winding
To a destination-al black?

Their comes on occasion
A novel invasion…
Original voices
That signal new choices
To a different persuasion

The name of the game: attention
Resulting in comprehension
Displacing vile acts
With renditions of facts
In a present-day novel dimension

Having a whole lotta fun
In existence is one
Way to live life
Avoiding all strife
Until it's over and done

Failure might even be fun
Seen from "over-and-done."
Plunge into the new
Finding something that you
Use to old mem'ries outrun

Living out on the edge
Of life's e'er present ledge
One might be tempted–
So, be redempt-ed
If promise only to pledge 

Henry Francisco

 Existence happens to you
So whattayagonna do?
For better or worse
Go forth or reverse
Before you bid life adieu

FIRE WITH FIRE?  © Port Whitman Times 1990
 Perhaps we in the USA need an extremist group or two of our own, that would capture foreign nationals who have come to the states to study or to live and work, but retain a connection to their homelands to which they will return eventually, just as our people in foreign lands will return to us. We don't seem to have any bargaining chips other than foreign nationals who have been caught-in-the-act carrying out or planning crimes, and then, when we effect any kind of trade, we have to trade many of theirs for just one of ours. And the many of theirs go right back to their militant anti-US lives as before, leaving us to wait for their next move.
     Everyone who comes to the US has to register, thus we supposedly know where they all are while they're here, and so our own hostages would be easy to collar, imprison and allow to go free once one of our own is released. If not, then meet barbarism with barbarism, throwing up our hands, and justifying with their logic, upon which their incarcerating our citizens is based. Fight fire with fire. They execute ours, we execute theirs. Same way too. See how they like that…
     We do need to meet with all and any representatives of these militant groups, find out what are their beefs, and see if we can rectify anything that might be bothering them and those they represent, or if it's just kidnapping for ransom. Not to send them money, or weapons, or anything that they demand, but things which, to us, might seem sensible, looked at from their point of view and circumstances. If our business is getting in the way, perhaps it could be fixed to the degree that would bring enough satisfaction to keep them from murdering our citizens out of spite. If it's simply war that they want, then let's give it to them in spades, not dilly-dally around with a few bombs here and there or blowing up a couple of trucks. Total war, and if the countries where they reside can't abide that, that's just too bad, get out of the way. They should think of that before harboring terrorists.
     No more Mr. Niceguy, I say.  Henry Francisco

Mind-blowing ideas

Come infrequently, sometimes

When you least expect them