Anxious Laugh

At her laboratory in downtown Port Whitman, Dr. Roberta P. Collman, whose doctorate in Science from Oxford University in Greenville, Ohio was only recently granted, has recently been experimenting successfully with an invention  she calls a a "Re-Converter," a new device, able to re-program all material, animal, vegetable or mineral, after being reduced to sand-size granules, into its basic molecular structure, thence re-constituted into useful functional material: dirt, or soil, referred to as such by Dr. Collman. From there it is to be plowed back into earth to recombine with nat- ural earth, either to act as host for growing vegetable matter, or used similar to how brick- work is manufactured, as building material.
     Scientists pooh-pooh-ed the idea at first, claiming that once converted into their previous usable substances, things must remain so, thus are  consigned to become simple fill for dumps, large geographical gaps in earth, one of which, the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona, was sarcastically proposed by Dr. Collman. How- ever, in a laboratory experiment, she illustrated with the use of a small antique outdated device called the Violetta High-Frequecy Generator, that the function can be accomplished with a cubic foot of miscellaneous garbage.
     To prove her point, Dr. Collman requested members of the PW City Council to choose and bring in any disposed substances from which the conversion is to be made, then after chop- reducing them into granules, place them into the Violetta Generator, and observe the 15-minute process of conversion through a specially made transparent glass top of the device, while wearing special protective glasses to shield observers' eyes from damage. Each council member then was asked to take a cup of the re-made substance, with a seed from a choice of vegetable seeds, go home, plant the seed, water it for 3 days and observe the resultant sprout of a vegetable from the reconstituted material, then come back with the results.
     After the successful three-day experiment resulting in 100% re-sprouting of all of the seeds, on the basis of the proven experiment, the city of Port Whitman issued a $100,000 grant to Dr. Collman to build a working VHiF Generator for substance-conversion, with which trash from every vacant lot in the city will be particle-ized and junk-reconstituted, used to grow food for municipal welfare meal-providing facilities.

     Dr. Collman's Institute Of Comestibles (IOC) in Port Whitman plans a manufacturing plant, to be built for the conversion of all throw-away items in the city which will then be reduced to molecules re-programmed into building material or into ordinary soil for vacant lots used as municipal gardens providing food for the needy. Funds will be generated by sale of the device by Dr. Collman's company GardenCourtInc to other municipalities for the same profitable use.
     Further experiments are in process. "Oceans can be cleaned, everything is re-programmable," Dr. Collman stated.

Henry Francisco-Special to Portwhitmantimes

Pure power expressed

Gathers attention when it

Affects witnesses

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Op'ning a portal
Might give you a chortle
When there what you find
Inundates your mind
Launching sins that are mortal

An outlet in doubt
By an alternate route
Brings  tribulation
Amid altercation
Once it's found out

Breathe the air we must
Having no choice but to trust
What to put in our body
No matter how shoddy
Our livelihood's fettles adjust

To existence penetrating
Valuation demonstrating
Life as we know it
Insists that we show it
As a future germinating

Enticing opinions
Of those whose dominions
Spur thoughtful reactions
Might lead to infractions
Arising within y'uns 

Perform a bricolage
Of actions to dislodge
Seized up thinking
From realities a-shrinking
Thus calamities to dodge

Henry Francisco

Remove the influence of money;
Government runs smooth as honey
Replacing the lobbyists
With lawmaking hobbyists
Making things go much more sunny