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Breathe the air we must
Having no choice but to trust
What to put in our body
No matter how shoddy
Our livelihood's fettles adjust

To existence penetrating
Valuation demonstrating
Life as we know it
Insists that we show it
As a future germinating

Enticing opinions
Of those whose dominions
Spur thoughtful reactions
Might lead to infractions
Arising within y'uns 

Perform a bricolage
Of actions to dislodge
Seized up thinking
From realities a-shrinking
Thus calamities to dodge

Henry Francisco

Remove the influence of money;
Government runs smooth as honey
Replacing the lobbyists
With lawmaking hobbyists
Making things go much more sunny


Pure power expressed

Gathers attention when it

Affects witnesses

Anxious Laugh

© Port Whitman Times 2002
After every shocking tragic incident, head-lines say "Life is changed forever." from the World Trade Center bombing to little bombs killing dozens. Yeah, right, and the solar system is realigned because a couple of buildings and a few thousand people were annihilated. Wake up terrorists! Life is NOT forever changed by your actions. Life would be changed if global warm-ing were to drastically increase, if a cure for cancer or Alsheimers were to be found, but to delude yourselves into thinking that "life is changed forever" as a result of a you and a few deluded followers crashing hijacked airplanes into our architectural icons and cradle of busi-ness or killing people in public places, is to sub-scribe to the same belief as you, i.e, that life can be changed forever by doing what you did.
     I hate to break it to you, but life is bigger than anything a few terrorists can accomplish. People who single-handedly try to vent their rage upon the world, or upon THEIR world, such as a high-schooler killing schoolmates, or a worker run amuck at the office and gunning down fellow workers, may be able to generate more carefulness among the rest of us who sur-vive, but they cannot change the world, or life, or anything beyond making a few ripples in the pond they themselves inhabit. As far as terror-ists, their ripples are bigger, wider, made on the world stage, but as for changing life that has developed over centuries into what it is, no way.
     Look around, look at any object within your immediate view. In a primitive society, who could have visualized a box that you sit in front of, with a screen to look at, and a keyboard to type on, where the words you type can be seen as you type them, which words can then be transmitted verbatim, immediately, to anyplace on earth that has the same box? No. Go look at something simpler, a sneaker. Here is a piece of footwear that is virtually molded to your foot, that has special qualities suited to the activity you're going to perform, that ties up to just the right amount of tension on your foot, that is comfortable, and can be had at a minimal price.      Bulletin: The world is not going to change because bombers or bio-terrorists perpetrate acts of violence. The world goes on. A flea can float down the river on his back with a hard-on yell-ing "Open up the drawbridge!" all he wants, but that's no sign that the drawbridge is going to open.
  Henry Francisco-Portwhitmantimes