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"The bulk of police forces are white males of the middle class, yet we send them into large urban centers that are black and hispanic and poor, with no understanding of the cultural differences, to enforce white, middle-class moral laws." - Ron DeLord, head of Combined Law Enforcement Assns. of Texas, quoted in Time Magazine
     So, are we to have different sets of laws for each ethnic or economic group? The law is the law, something we agree upon, stating the difference between what society as a whole considers right and what it considers wrong. Society as a whole. Are different ethnic groups not to be considered part of society as a whole, thus allowing them a special set of laws for their neighborhood, race or national origin? OK, so what if we do have two sets of er, standards, then what about ethnics who move out of the barrio into middle-class suburbia, are they to be subject to their former restrictions or now abide by the new ones? Can they adopt a new behavior overnight? After how many intermarriages does one become "white middle-class" thus eligible to abide by white middle-class morals?  It seems we've now reached the low point in our society where, because of obviously racial brutal beatings, our very laws are being questioned, even apologized for. The same principles seem to be invoked in the case of bi-lingual education. One set of rules for us, and one for, ah, them. And "them" can be either group, or any group. The sooner we realize we are all US, the better will be our footing for a stable society. Whether the laws are white middle-class suburban or black inner-city ghetto, we'd better decide on one set and abide by - or enforce - that set alone.   Henry Francisco

Life is all about fun
And you get only one;
If you play it just right
You conceivably might
Live-it-up ere it's over and done

LIMERICKS​    ©PortWhitmanTimes

Breathing the air, we trust
That for which life we must
Have, with the water
So, conserve we ought'er
All of our uses adjust

Those who help us become
What we be and then some
Deserve to be thanked
For the times that they cranked
Out notes with a meaningful strum

Advice, giving or taking,
Proceeding or braking
Dilemmas of life
Avoidance of strife
May or may not bring on aching

Performance: the proof
Choreographing a spoof
Shows something within
A talent wherein
Palaver subs for a goof

Consider life a blank screen
Upon which to write a scene
With you as lead role
In total control
Of what you permit to be seen

Inhibiting life, frontiers
Obstructing what then appears
Prohibit outlooks
Thus setting in hooks
To be overly cautious fears

Acting's becoming–
For the nonce strumming
Chords in the minds,
Of patrons whose blinds
Are removed then set humming

Why become, when you can be
Something otherwise that we
Can enjoy observing
On a stage thus serving
To enlighten and set us free

Being… is just living
To existence in-giving
But becoming is more
With worlds to explore,
Sands of the earth a-sieving

The essence of "me"
I think you'll agree
Can't be contained
Unless forcibly reined
By Faith's guarantee

     Henry Francisco

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