The essence of "me"
I think you'll agree
Can't be contained
Unless forcibly reined
By Faith's guarantee

"I was" won't occur.
No chance to demur
Cause death's not an option;
Existence adoption
Isn't a choice to prefer

After this life we go on…
To a place whereupon
Other entities dwell
Call it Heaven or Hell…
A conclusion that can't be foregone

When I fall asleep
I pray the Lord to keep
New fountains op'ning up
From which to fill my cup
Then into which to leap

Winter with its shorter days
Another quality displays
Which in the longer dark
Triggers paths to then embark
Upon to solve life's murky maze

Hey, whattayagonna do?
The world comes to you
So like it or not
You have what you got
Go look for an end to pursue

Surviving regret
Can often beget
Renewing existence
Providing assistance
You'll scarcely forget

In wandering, try not to hurt
In stead to convert
Your travels to know-how
Thereby to endow
Successors with their dessert

Having a whole lotta fun
In existence is one
Way to live life
Avoiding all strife
Until it's over and done

In your life's wandering
Don't ignore pondering
O'er spiritual meaning
Perhaps intervening
Thus fending off squandering

At some point in being
You might end up seeing
That keeping score is
Apropos to what war is
Ergo wind up fleeing

Things you wish you hadn't done
Pop up in mem'ry one by one
But they're part of the past
So don't be harassed
Forget 'em, a new day's begun…

              Henry Francisco


No refunds given

Do what you do, accept results

Continue. Or change...



Life is all about fun
And you get only one;
If you play it just right
You conceivably might
Live-it-up ere it's over and done


© Port Whitman Times 2005
     Now this may seem trivial... and it is, but as we can see in our trash problems, a lot of trivia adds up. But someone ought to pass a law against giving people more than one. You know, those people who, when you ask for a napkin, or a tissue, or a straw, or a toothpick, or any number of small but useful items, always grab two, or a handful and pass them on to you, expecting, I guess, that you'll either use them all (Really, how many toothpicks can you use at once?) or tsk tsk, throw away the rest. Whatta waste! Oh yes, we live in the land of plenty – of garbage.
     This applies to just about anything you buy too, especially in the food line. You wanta get an ice cream cone... Do they give (and charge you for) a sensible amount on top of your sugar or wafer holder? Noooo, they pile on five or six ounces of the stuff, just so they can charge you that extra dollar, so you have to throw it away or get balloon fat. Can you buy a small candy bar anymore? Fewer and fewer places carry them, opting for the jumbo size bars which are just too much. Too much sugar, too much chocolate, too much money.
     It's our way of passing the good life around to each other... filling up our dumps, and our bodies, unnecessarily. Wouldn't it be easier to conserve in the beginning, rather than worry about trash-to-steam, toxic waste, hauling fees, and landfills bursting at the rims with stuff we never had to use up in the first place?
     You who do it, STOP it. That's right, YOU. You know who you are. When someone asks for one, give them one. Henry Francisco

New Camden Times