LIMERICKS ©PortWhitmanTimes2006
Electronics thrive,
Their powers derive
From human ability
To forge a facility
That keeps them alive

We kneel to sounds of life
In many cultures rife
With rulers unable
To curb thus disable
Their flaw for continual strife

The past insists
"Let me nab what I missed!
I still count after all
And have yet to install
Mem'ries to be reminisced."

Henry Francisco, Port Whitman Times

NUTS TO YA     © Port Whitman Times 2006

It's been said, and with a good deal of plausibility, that we can't stamp out the drug scourge by nailing growers, because the cash they can make growing coca, poppies, pot, etc., at least as long as the retail price is inflated by its illegality, far surpasses that which they could make growing potatoes or radishes. Probably so, and from that point of view, the sooner dope becomes just another universally-grown commodity, the sooner the price will stabilize and growers will see equal profits in other crops.
     Like nuts. Bought any nuts lately? I mean nuts where there's no peanuts, or even walnuts, mixed in for fill. You know, the Deluxe Mix: cashews, pecans, filberts, brazil nuts and almonds. Sky high, so much so that anyone with half a mind for prudent spending and only cash to lay out, simply has no alternative but NUTS! to the prices of these delicious morsels. Don't even dis-cuss macadamia nuts. For the gas nuts give you, better eat fruit.
     But if more growers got into nuts, maybe some of the Colombians and Afganis, there's gotta be a legitimate profit there – and hey, they're darn near as addictive as that other stuff.      Waitaminute, suppose the government could outlaw nuts, forbid their growing, sale and consumption; then more people would get into the new racket. Think of the jobs it'd create: customs checkers, undercover nutcops, interdiction teams, sniffdogs & trainers, federal NEA (Nut Enforcement Agency) troops. Kids'd give up flipping burgers to deal nuts on the corner, organized crime would be alerted, street posse's would drive-by-shoot each other over a few pounds of cashews, and anyone caught with nuts in their teeth would be incarcerated minimum three-to-five. It's not just supply & demand anymore, with the government in between, y'know? A whole false economy created. Hmm.
 HenryFrancisco, PortWhitmanTimes

New Camden Times

Were it only true...
"Pen is mightier than sword"
World would be won now.