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     It's far more interesting to think up the ideas than to carry them out - that's what being a writer/artist is all about - thinking up ideas, or at least injecting them into the verbal mainstream. Having a good idea and spending years making it reality is far less purely creative than constantly manufacturing creative ideas, regardless of stature; indeed carrying ideas out, though highly remunerative, can be enervating to one whose mind is programmed to thinking them up, as it is an executive function, not necessarily a purely a creative one. But then just having ideas and not carrying them out can seem pointless to the executive used to making things happen.
     Not all writing is purely creative, some is just journeyman reporting of what one sees or reads, although with a rivulet of creativity here and there, but creative people do sit, in the artistic order of things, over executive people, in fact sometimes so high above them as to need parachutes to connect up with earthly reality. Nevertheless creators ought not to concern themselves with practical applications of their ideas, as that is not their function yet, though the real cannot be ignored, lest whimsy render the idea un-amusing along with being impractical.
     Both executives and artists should avail themselves of the output of the other, so that each of their functions can be affected by the other's creativity, but executives, or the executive part of us, must choose which of the theoretical ideas are well-grounded enough to bear carrying out, or even embarking upon.  Henry Francisco


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Triple sensation!

Get more out of what you do! 

Think "Out of the box!"

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Lives contained
By habits abstained
Might be beneficial
But tend artificial–
Behaviorally chained

To be hanging around
After death one is found
To be somewhat mystical
Rather than Heavenly-bound

Do something perhaps
Filling life's gaps
Thus changing the world
With a flag unfurled
Slowing eventual collapse

Open minds consider
The ultimate bidder,
Ideas to think up
Then drink up
Even the thoughts of a kidder

Henry Francisco

Henry's Ice Cream was the place
You stuck the ice cream in your face
Gobbled it down and asked fer more
    At the Henry's Ice Cream Store         Took some home too, just in case...