March 11th Camden County Boathouse 6-10pm

New Camden Times

February 19th 4pm

Triple sensation!

Get more out of what you do! 

Think "Out of the box!"

Henry's Ice Cream is the place, you
Stick the ice cream in your face
Gobble it down and ask fer more
    At the Henry's Ice Cream Store         Take some home too, just in case...



NJ STATE AQUARIUM © Wm.M.Hoffman Jr. Click More Camden paintings

Live Music by the Stan Maltz Big Band!
Food, Dancing, Silent Auction and much more!


The Neighborhood Center's


​"A masterful and exciting African American classical pianist on a mission to raise awareness of the beauty of classical music in the community."



© Port Whitman Times

Sing jazz, thus hum anywhere
Randomly from-here-to-there
Make it up as you go
So ears never know
The direction until you declare

Be young once again–
Call up an old friend
Revisiting times
Of life in your primes
Considering which way to wend

The spirit's not done
Cynicism ain't won
 Till the body caves in to
Events that have been too
Overwhelming and can't be outrun

Hating reading 'bout it
Rather acting out it
Seemed adventurous
Peril-thirst quencher-ous
To consider the upshot and flout it

If there isn't any God
Don't you find it odd
That roads we're told to miss
Round-the-clock turn up in this
Lifetime begging to be trod

Henry Francisco

104th Winter Gala

THEIR/OUR WAY  © H. John Henry 1997
     The Japanese have a very practical attitude about drinking, exhibited to the careful eye in the film Gung Ho -- that whenever you take even a little alcohol, you have the liberty to act as crazy as your mindset will let you, i.e., to let down all your inhibitions and be as zany as Harpo Marx, dance naked with a lampshade on your head if you want.  Next day all is forgiven, and you go back with a clean slate to being the Bank President, factory worker or Political Prefect, attributing your bizarre behavior to the demons in the alcohol.  Anything is forgiveable, in the past even harmful behavior right up to maiming & killing, including automobile accidents.  Certainly such behavior is more subject to punishment today in an American-designed system, but the tradition lingers in the Japanese soul.
     Of course they also have Geisha Houses, where one can go to BE crazy, dress crazy, act the fool, with your behavior stroked by Geishas heaping lavish praise and encouragement upon you, egging your fantasy to whatever lengths it seeks.
     We Americans have few such outlets as the Japanese attitude, and fewer places such as Geisha houses to go and let our hair down.  We're expected to "hold our liquor" and act sober even if we're very drunk.  The Japanese can act very drunk even when they're just a swallow away from cold sober, their drunkenness being more a state of mind, achievable with minimal chemical help, but knowing no outward bounds of propriety.  
     However, should one be called upon to operate a car, it would seem that Japanese crazy drunk on little or no booze would be preferable to Western pretending sobriety, especially to yourself, on many drinks.  Maybe they'll boil it down to being nutsy/crazy at will, on NO booze.  Could happen.  Now about us. . . Henry Francisco