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​​​​​​​​​​​​NEIGHBORHOOD PLAN 2015



  ★ $2.7mil redevelop Pierre Building Apts 304-306 Cooper St.
   ★ $50mil –Joint Health Sciences Ctr. 6/15/15​​
    ★ $164mil tax credit to AmericanWaterWorksCo.


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LIMERICKS ©PortWhitmanTimes

Good talk brooks naught
Out of bounds, as good thought
Goes where it pleases,
Sporadically seizes
Themes deemed overwrought

Good conversations
Brook no limitations
"Out of bounds" nonexistent
With ideas thus insistent
Upon close considerations

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FANTASY/REALITY     © Port Whitman Times 1998
     Surely it's important to keep reality and fantasy separate, knowing they both exist within one's self, but countenancing them each in their proper time and place. The area where they are mixed together, whether by choice or accident, is the place where evil sprouts. Fantasizing about doing away with your wife or having your neighbor's teenage daughter in your bed is one thing, but making those fantasies come true flies in the face of all that is decent and moral. Of course fantasizing that you're going to do well in the game or at the job, and making that one come true, is quite another thing.
     One is quite respectable/acceptable, and the other is not. The determiners of morality and law, such as religion and government, decide for us which can be done, what is decent, legal, moral, what is not. And we, in our minds, if we are conditioned by acceptable morals and laws and inclined to observe them, can keep our illicit fantasies from spilling over into life.
     Drugs however, legal or illegal, alter that perception, give us the impression that the dream we are having IS the reality, and can be treated as such. Any chemicals in small, controllable amounts, keep us somewhat in touch with reality, allowing us a certain amount of relaxation of our fight-or-flight response. The evening cocktail, the afternoon cigar, give us a good feeling for a little while, let us jump back and forth, mentally, over the fence of petty impropriety, swim back and forth between the big balloons of respectability and sin, keeping them in balance. But overuse, of any of the catalogue of mind alterers, closes us off into the world where fantasies can rule. If those fantasies are of the murderous variety, then murder, in the wrong circumstances, can be the result. That's why our prisons teem with felons whose lives were changed by having one-too-many of this or that.
     Of course there is the possibility that a sick mind, in which something has snapped, can react in the same way, but a sober mind usually remains controlled and able to corral the fantasies into an area where they remain the province ruled by the "Thou shalt nots" of one kind or another. Our unconsummated fantasies, however, are our own, and if they affect no one but ourselves, no harm done except to our own outlooks. We can think about "it," but wouldn't consider doing it. To keep it there, we have the two commandments that say "Don't even THINK about it," so anymore than a passing fancy is still sinful. Best to steer clear of some of the roller coaster rides in fantasyland, especially those brought about by the overuse of some substance that, once it's in you, drives you…
 Henry Francisco - Port Whitman Times

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