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  ★ $2.7mil redevelop Pierre Building Apts 304-306 Cooper St.
   ★ $50mil –Joint Health Sciences Ctr. 6/15/15​​
    ★ $164mil tax credit to AmericanWaterWorksCo.

ATTENTION: PUBLIC RADIO  ​©PortWhitmanTimes 2006
     Here's a suggestion, an alternative to the constant harangue of your fund-raising efforts, which I believe are losing you listeners. After all, who wants to put up with ten-minute intervals of constant, irritating begging when tuned in for programming to accompany one’s day?
     However, you do have an opportunity to raise money year-round without turning off your listeners, and it’s an up-to-date way rather than the old give-us-your-money-for-a-coffeecup-or-teeshirt method that went out of date way-back-when. What is it?
     Okay, if I have your attention, here goes…
          1.Use your website.
          2. On your website, establish a link. Another link. Call it W_ _ _ Marketplace.
          3. On that link, list items for sale - a list of Headlines which are themselves links to...
          4. Descriptions of the items, with contact information to owners of the items who have listed their items for sale, with an agreed-upon percentage of the proceeds of the sale going to W_ _ _.
          5. Owner-sellers can place their items-for-sale, through you, on that list, via email or call-in, with their contact information.
          6. Prospective buyers can contact the sellers to see and buy items, via your list on your website.
          7. To complete the transaction, the buyer makes the payment to W_ _ _ on a credit card, either vocally over the phone, or on a computer.
          8. The money goes to W_ _ _, to keep or divide with the seller as previously agreed when the seller lists.
          9. W_ _ _ sends the seller-donor a check and thank-you note – which can be done online, saving postage.
So, everybody wins… Listeners sell their items, Year-round funds are collected by W_ _ _, No interference with broadcasting.  And what faithful listener wouldn’t put his/her item up for sale on a wide-based, easily-accessible website, giving all or a major portion of the proceeds to a favored public radio station?
     W_ _ _ doesn’t even have to warehouse the item, or show it. That’s done by sellers, who can call it in or email it to W_ _ _.
      All you have to do is collect the money.
     Which you are doing now, by losing listeners – temporarily. But who knows where they go and when they’ll come back?   Henry Francisco - Port Whitman Times

LIMERICKS ©PortWhitmanTimes

Righteous people just might
Pursue their own ends despite
Evidence showing
The seeds that they're sowing
Are also engendering blight

Does it ever occur
That things you thought were
Just might not be
Or at least agree
With those to which you defer

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