Embrace the good life
Eschew the unhealthy one
Down! Down, bad habits!


Business Consultant:
Someone who
Knowing less about

Your business than you
Tells you how to run it
At a price
You could ill afford to pay
Even if you ran it
The way you should
Instead of the way
He tells you to.
(Old Wharton School adage)  © Port Whitman Times 2009

New Camden Times

ME TOO WANT   © Port Whitman Times 2005
Why is it that people's arguments for more pay always center around what someone else is getting for similar work? Wouldn't it be more sensible if we each had a more or less general idea of what our time is worth, say, on an hourly basis, and expected to be paid that amount regardless of what the rest of the world is earning (or not earning)?
It's sickening, especially in the area of politics, that if the mayor of Dry Gulch is making $$$$, then the flag goes up for the mayor of Lard Point to also get $$$$. Of course this only works one way - up. If the mayor of Dry Gulch is getting less than the mayor of Lard Point, the mayor of Lard Point shuts up. Soon, however, the mayor of Dry Gulch finds out what his counterpart in Lard Point is making, and sure enough a proposal to city council pops up with the justification that the other mayor is getting more, so he deserves more. It comes back to the question of "should elected officials be paid at all?"
ME TOO has become an ism to the point where you think they're going to form the Me Too Party & run for national office, but the Repubs & Dems beat them to the punch. They Me Too everyone out of even considering Me Too-ing for themselves. Are there no original thinkers left in our halls of state?
Now I'd be willing to pay more for a chief exec who led the way with a paper picker and a burlap sack down out of the ivory tower for an hour a day to clean the streets. Heaven knows they need it. Or maybe one who went around firing loafers on the payroll instead of hiring more of them from the ranks of the election-day faithful.
You too, you say? Well right on...​
​  Henry Francisco/PortWhitmanTimes

To think you might be

Taking a Heavenly trip

Bends the mind upward

​LIMERICKS ©Port Whitman Times
Never having to "become"
Thereby represent a sum
Of one's deportment
Can elicit an assortment
Of new melodies to strum

If you never have to "be"
Then "seeming," you'll agree
Represents what's left
Possessing any heft
Impacting life to a degree

"Seem on" to an ending
With afterlife pending
On how you behaved
Toward temptations craved
Thence a- or de- scending

The land of your dreams…
In your mind, it seems
The chance you'll go
Might escape you though
You dream up traveling schemes

Use a potent word
To express a most absurd
Objection to a plan
In order to ban
Further action thus stirred

Stirring something in you
Music, seeking to continue
Notions occurring
Has spirits conferring
Their tonal fancy to imbue

Henry Francisco