To think you might be  Taking a Heavenly trip  Bends the mind upward

Business Consultant:
Someone who
Knowing less about

Your business than you
Tells you how to run it
At a price
You could ill afford to pay
Even if you ran it
The way you should
Instead of the way
He tells you to.
(Old Wharton School adage)  
© Port Whitman Times 2009


©Port Whitman Times
When you take some advice
There might be a price
That people demand:
On the other hand
The already known might suffice

Machines run our lives
With pursuit that contrives
To make ev'rything go
Shrugging off "to" or "fro"
Just so mankind survives

We thrive in a box
With security locks
So no one can enter
Penetrate to the center
Unless he initially knocks

Never having to "become"
Thereby represent a sum
Of one's deportment
Can elicit an assortment
Of new melodies to strum

If you never have to "be"
Then "seeming," you'll agree
Represents what's left
Possessing any heft
Impacting life to a degree

"Seem on" to an ending
With afterlife pending
On how you behaved
Toward temptations craved
Thence a- or de- scending

Henry Francisco

New Camden Times

PRISONS? © Port Whitman Times 2002

We're the luckiest of people, we who
Can look out back and see what's left
Of God's Green Earth still thriving
Despite what it took to put us there, yet
Enjoy our own dominion o'er it
If not o'er us ourselves.

We're the folks who can discern
The sounds of our nature, and
Sing them into melodies
That bridge all language.

"There are no wrong notes." (Marian McPartland, Pianist) - So it follows, there are no wrong decisions in life, only directions taken, logical to the taker if not always to the observer, even if the observer be the taker at a later date. It is there, having begun in what one might say is the wrong direction, that the real decision takes place. How the correction is made, the taking of the "wrong" note, to use MM's logic, and making it into the jump-off to a new melodic path.
Thus, no regrets. Please, no regrets. We make the right decision for the time and the circumstances, both general and personal. If a sick mind told you to do this and you did it, who's to say that the logic of that mind can be blamed? And how does a mind get sick? Could be many things; environment, genetics, moral upbringing, parentage, etc., etc. Then why prisons?
We persuade one another, show the way, talk the talk, do the doing, teach the lessons, and that is what governs, imposes, dictates, the decisions. We must find, be, the right teachers to make the right decisions in the minds of our, or at least seem to turn out to be, our students. Prisons are the wrong approach. We must put criminals, those who break the laws made by society or its representatives, in places of influence toward not only tolerable, but constructive activity, monitor that activity and behavior. Use a body implant or ankle-bracelet rather than constructing prisons with bars, walls, guards, guns, paperwork and administration. Put a prisoner, a murderer, a rapist, in a monastery...
Put a monastery in a prison. A theatre group. Three theatre groups. Maybe not, maybe let 'em rot, but somehow our prison system doesn't seem to be working, so another approach is indicated, no? Putting prisoners in with other prisoners only gives them the strength of union, reinforces them.    
Henry Francisco/PortWhitmanTimes

Embrace the good life
Eschew the unhealthy one
Down! Down, bad habits!