To think you might be

Taking a Heavenly trip

Bends the mind upward

SPEED KILLS   © Port Whitman Times 2007
     Oh sure, they look funny spicing up a film or a TV program, but high-speed police chases are, in reality, quite dangerous for everyone, as we only recently saw. In the cinematic presentation, everything is meticulously planned right down to the near misses, the screeching turnarounds, the crashes and off-the-unfinished-ramp dropoffs, but in the real world, it's all unplanned. It sure must be fun for the folks making the movie, and perhaps a kind of perverse flirt-with-danger fun for the real cops & robbers, but unfortunately, innocent people end up dead.
     BAM! That's all the warning, and you and your family, all six of you, are gone from life. Snuffed out. Subtracted.
     Not to play down the role of the alleged criminal leading the chase, seemingly to save his own hide, with nothing to lose but his freedom or his life, which is most probably of little consequence to him or society by this point. But that's only 50%, one car of two. Or three. Or Four. Everyone's alerted within radio distance.
     If he didn't run, they wouldn't chase, and if the police didn't chase, he wouldn't run, wouldn't speed through traffic signals, wouldn't be turned from a minor drug offender into a major killer of several innocent people, a crime which, unlike the others he has allegedly committed, is not really of his own planning and doing, and for which he will not be justly punished, according to those who suffered the loss.
     The cops say they have to leave cars running, thus open, to be available to the radios therein, or have to have duplicate sets of keys. Anyone who drives will tell you that you can buy keyrings with detatchable ends, so one can stay in the ignition while the door/trunk key can be carried outside the car. It won't float, not that one.
     It's time to ban the chase scenes. In this instance, certainly no one wanted to kill six people. But six people were killed nevertheless. Repeat: If he hadn't run, and if they hadn't chased him, those people would be alive today.                                                                                                     Henry Francisco - Port Whitman Times

Embrace the good life
Eschew the unhealthy one
Down! Down, bad habits!


​LIMERICKS ©Port Whitman Times

Sense of long ago
Just won't delete, although
It can be layed over
With present-day clover
To make it appear aglow

Make a bargain with fate
To hold off death, wait
Till life can improve
To a point where you've
Succeeded to interrelate

Going to sleep one night
Not waking up at daylight
Giving in to fondest dreams
Continuing, it somehow seems
Afterlife summons Heaven's delight

Things you wish you hadn't done
Pop up in mem'ry one by one
But they're part of the past
So don't be harassed
Forget 'em, a new day's begun…

Hey, whattayagonna do?
The world comes to you
So like it or not
You have what you got
Go look for an end to pursue

Open your mind up
Or you could wind up
Trapped in a prison
Im-pensive, un-risen
With nothing but ignorance lined up

Henry Francisco

New Camden Times