LIMERICKS ​​© Port Whitman Times 

Growing old, moving
To personal grooving,
Things are thus what
One makes them, but
For final reality proving

The color of thought
Could elicit what ought
To be pondered
Once it is wondered
Beyond what is basically taught

Writers paint pictures with words,
Conjuring formative herds,
Sacred cows of ideas,
Grazing panaceas
Removing emotional girds

Relationship gauging:
A matter of waging
A war of ideals
To see what appeals
Then fellowship staging

Just do it!
Dive right in to it,
Don't wait
Until "OOPS!" 
When you blew it
Henry Francisco


New Camden Times

GO FOR IT!© Port Whitman Times 2008
Go for it! Just Do It!
     We're constantly encouraged to grab the brass ring of one sort or another, to take the next adventurous step, and it's made so easy for us, new life is just a click away on just about any website we visit, and of course on those that are visited upon us, with or without our consent. The internet is a vast world, vaster than the real one, yet with just as many cliffs, rivers, oceans, pitfalls, jun-gles, perils, as the physical world, may-be more, and these are all adventures we can take with just a click of the mouse. No passport, no airline reser-vations, no standing in line, none of the inconveniences we have to put up with in the real system of things. We can just go there, right now, actually go for it into any adventure we choose, at least on our screens. And in our minds.
     And we have curious minds, minds that might want to wander into tsk, tsk, private areas inhabited by the opposite sex, maybe to grab a peek at a little more flesh than might be permissible, even in this wanton world of advertis-ing that flings at us much more than might be advisable to hawk jeans or un-dies or perfume. The internet allows us to do that with impunity, to peep, to enjoy, to wallow into the fleshpots as deeply as we want, with no one looking but ourselves, or so we think. But just as there comes a time when Daddy should stop giving little Melissa her bath (and Mommy should turn Little Johnny's bath duties over to Dad), there is a point, depending on one's sense of sin and good (or bad) taste, where ris-que becomes porno. Yet, lately it seems with all the prosecution over who is and who isn't involved in child porn, that society sets the limits, as it should, with regard to its young innocents. However, in the privacy of one's home, in the electronic universe, society can be flouted, and one can indulge, spurred on by clickable links that beck-on from bad to worse to downright sinful, immoral, and eventually illegal.
     But this is not like illegal drugs, where one has to actively meet the drug dealer to get the goods, purchase the paraphernalia, the works, whatever you call it. No, it's right there under your fingertips, easy to find, easier to ex-plore, to indulge. Anything your heart desires on Google or Yahoo, so whoo-pie! One can break the law at home, where privacy is no longer regarded as sacred, just by clicking on to a website that features underage flesh; moreover, one is apparently invited, on these web-sites, to chat with what are, or would seem to be, the underage "models" who pose lasciviously for the world to see. A very strange kettle of fish indeed. But then, should one, who has slipped into this lower depth so readily, so easily, be prosecuted for what would seem so minor an infraction as having collected images on one's hard drive? Seems so easy to go over that fence, to be enticed to indulge, and thus be tricked by one's own foolishness into something... illegal.
     Like in gambling, one thing leads to another. It's not as though Joe Innocent comes home from church and says "I guess I'll chat up some young jailbait this afternoon." He is led down that path one step at a time from bad taste to sinful to unethical to illegal by a beck-oning Lolita that for some, is just too good to resist. So he does. Goes For It. Uh-oh.  
Henry Francisco - Port Whitman Times