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In the old movie/TV trailers, Clint Eastwood did his thing very credibly, effectively steering us away from rock cocaine (crack); then Nancy Reagan came on assuring us the only way to deal with the drug problem is to "take the users away from the suppliers"- "Just Say No." OK, that may be, but singular solutions and people advocating them always came off as a bit too pat, closed to other, perhaps better solutions for the myriad areas of the problem.
     Back when there were door-to-door sales jobs, before telesales, the internet, mail order and malls with everything, it was understood that the lower the economic scale of the neighborhood, the stickier the doorknobs, the easier it was to sign up new customers. Mooches they were called, piece-of-cake sales, people who were ready to buy the kitchenware the minute you walked in the door. Whatever you were selling, they were buying - on credit of course. A dollar down, a dollar a week. No sales resistance.
     Transplant that same receptivity to now, add a generous welfare system, plus other sources of money such as prostitution & street crime, then the item for which there is little sales resistance after the first hit, and you've got a situation with unlimited potential for major disaster.
     Telling people who've been saying yes all their lives to "Just Say No" to pusher-salesmen who swarm around like bees to honey, is a mighty stiff order. Sure it works in areas where the sales resistance is ingrained by an educated cynicism, but in an area where school-education-jobs in general are frequently an object of snickers, the message must be accompanied by a substitute for the product - Sports, Music, Work, Religious Fervor, Education, not just a stopping off place on the way to someplace else.
     Asking people at the lowest levels of our society to exercise raw will power is like asking them to just give up Welfare and go looking for a job at $9.99/hr; asking the user who is hooked on a drug to just give it up becomes almost laughable. True, the Just Say No attitude will work with beginners, and it's those at whom these messages are ostensibly aimed - teenagers & young people who could go either way at some point. But there could be other solutions too...
     Perhaps we ought to look more closely into decriminalizing all drugs, taxing them, and making them available like liquor, for those adults who want to make their day by ingesting a little bit of poison. That would surely improve their quality-predictability, , and free up some space in the prisons too, saving a ton of money which could be used to persuade people who need persuading to Just Say No. Henry Francisco


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With wires draped o'er
Our lives we explore
Currents that bring us
Lo! Gingerly fling us
To realms containing much more

Brighten your outlook!
Roads might be took
Curiosity quenchers
Bringing adventures
In which exists– a book!

It's all imagination
Forming the foundation
Of a life lived well
Which we later tell  
With extravagant elation

Worrying's the fun
Of old age if one
Lives to senescence
Before obsolescence
Turns into "over and done"

Kiss me one time more
Thus romance to explore
In my mind anyway
Whose thoughts go astray
Reminiscing mementos of yore

The spirit persists
While the body exists
But gives way to affliction
Consequential eviction
To thence and of what it consists

Felled by great beauty
We think it a duty
To use our abilities
Fulfill capabilities,
Thus landing this cutie

Choo choo trains roll
To an ultimate goal
Trav'ling somewhere
With "Woo-woo" declare
"Machine in control!"

Where life aspires,
Signaling fires,
New kickoffs' environs
Might just beget sirens
To follow before one retires

Your sense of humor defines
Traditions your group enshrines
But as a free spirit
A joke as you hear it
Might appeal to eclectic designs

Henry Francisco

Slow down readers' thinking
To the speed of your inking.
That's all writing is
Gee whiz!
From what were you shrinking?

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