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Your sense of humor defines
Traditions your group enshrines
But as a free spirit
A joke as you hear it
Might appeal to eclectic designs

Try to see things as they are
No matter how bizarre
You might think them
Don't try to shrink them
To items entitled to bar

In a complicated world
Many attitudes are swirled
Together in a mix
That frequently conflicts
Internally when finally unfurled

If you can, write a book
About adventures undertook
Telling how life went
At least to the extent
Into which you want to look

Compromise: that which rogues
Hide in their brogues
Stepping on notions
That stir locomotions
Thus dampening vogues

Scoundrels do "whatever"
As they endeavor
To find refuge
In subterfuge
Turning out merely clever

Are you selling what people want?
Or offering something to taunt
Buyers with goodness
Or what-you-would-ness
In deed if you're not a savant

Go ahead, purport
To solve problems, transport
Live minds to solutions
Effect evolutions
Thus to new thinking cavort 

Who made us what we are now?
Saying "Let there be life!" (Pow!)
A being completed
In due course repeated
Geometrically (Wow!)

Is life to achieve?
Or maybe just weave
Tales of exploits
By use of adroit
Memories to retrieve

Living on down the road
Using fortunes bestowed
Avoiding the hurts
One simply converts
To a patently positive mode  

                       Henry Francisco

Slow down readers' thinking
To the speed of your inking.
That's all writing is
Gee whiz!
From what were you shrinking?

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CABLE TV OR NOT... © Port Whitman Times 2006
      Instead of the bad things that can be said about cities (and they are said), one thing, proximity to them gives us a distinct advantage, that being the direct line to the metropolitan TV antennae. Yes, there are still antennae, for direct transmission of signals over the air, not via cable or any kind of direct-wired hookup through an independent provider.
     Cable providers – You don’t need ‘em! You can, with a small plug-in antenna ($10), when placed advantageously on top of the TV or in another sensitive position facing the transmitters of the local stations, get a picture as good as the cable companies deliver, without the monthly $75-plus bill to pay for cable.
     You want the news, the culture, the movies, the auctions, religious, sports, gossip, interviews, or whatever? It’s all there. All available on channels you can pick up on-air with a little antenna that costs a one-time $10, and you’re finished paying. Hey, all the big-time stuff, the Oscars, the Grammy’s, the Super Bowl etc., come on non-cable publicly-available TV. No dummies the networks.
     But wait, you want the HBO or Showtime series? Well… not right away, but after they are aired originally, they’re right there for you at the Public Library. So you get to see them 9 months later. Big deal! It’s not as though they need immediate viewing like the daily news. They’re stories! Just order them post-airing, using your computer (a nice feature of the library system is that you can order online) or going personally, then pick them up when you get the library’s notice that they’re ready, along with the latest best seller (Oh yeah, them too) that you want to read. Oh, and I almost forgot... Just about any movie is available on DVD, at the library. And it's all FREE!
     Forty nine (where I live, near Philadelphia) channels available maybe more (or fewer) depending on your location, height, etc. But hey, how many channels, how much TV, can you watch, and why pay for 100 channels when you can only see one-at-a-time? One’s watching habits can be satisfied rather easily, by the over-the-air menu.
     So go to eBay, or Radio Shack, or Amazon, search “TV Antenna,” and order one for ten bucks, try it out just to see if it satisfies your viewing requirements, then decide what to do about that $75 monthly bill…   Henry Francisco


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