LIMERICKS©Port Whitman Times

Optimistic, we define
Our very souls, assign
New heights to climb
Then by the time
We reach the top, to shine

New challenges await
Filling our plate
With hopes for success
At which we'll express
A need to further create

​​Henry Francisco

SNUFFING IT    © Port Whitman Times 2005
     Why on earth would anyone commit suicide? Seemingly normal, sane people, children, who you would think have much to live for, do it every day. Not the terminally ill, although more and more lately, this is a term that has less meaning, as science alters the outer limits of the termini, and gives medical hope to all, even the 100-plus-ers on the Today show.
      We're talking suicide in the shank of life here, because of some emotional, career, family or other problem. It has to be more than that actually, a brick wall of existence that can't be maneuvered around, climbed over or dug under. The potential self-murderer has to have come to the point where he feels absolutely no forward step can be made in this world. After all, it isn't a whimsical act, though it has been characterized as "the sincerest form of self-criticism" (Lenny Bruce). Hopeless, I believe it's called, and left at that. "Oh yes, it was hopeless, his situation..." and we're supposed to know what that means, accept it as such, no questions asked.
     But the contemplator of the act is asking himself hundreds of questions as he wanders toward his personal abyss. Questions which bear upon every aspect of his life up to now, how he's handled them, how he anticipates dealing with future ones in light of how he did with past ones. The truly hopeless person doesn't think he can change, or be able to cope any better with the same situations any differently in the future, so the alley has become a dead end. Resigned to status quo, unsatisfied with it, and nothing more to look forward to than more of same, more unhappiness, personal flagellation, disappointment, he plunges. Oddly, as we have lately seen, age has little to do with the decision and the hopeful prospects. And not so oddly, drugs magnify the despair, exaggerate the drama of life to the point of the ultimate misjudgment.
     The person must be done more with than pulled down off the ledge. Somehow hope must be given, ingrained, so he realizes that change is always possible, progress not far behind once the decision to return to the pursuit of life is made. That's true in a larger sense too, about smaller issues. Change, hope for improvement, progress, is possible in all areas, no matter how small, regardless how insignificant, or how large, how seemingly overwhelming. Once one realizes that, the problems can be addressed and dealt with, without resorting to what one might think of as the ultimate solution.
  Henry Francisco - PortWhitmanTimes


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When competitive pace
Gets up in your face
Yet, winning prizes
Within sight arises
Simply invent a new race

Often times it seems

Verbiage, a sort of sport,

Captures our fancy