New Camden Times

Home is a sculpture
We make by living in it
Our house is our life

Port Whitman Times​

I'm dreaming of you
A-lying there too
Dreaming of me
But I can't guarantee
What fanciful notions pursue

Live the life that you do
As if somehow you knew
What lay up ahead;
Be willing to tread
A path that might ensue

When it's all done, depart
But ere it's over, impart
The knowledge gained
From heights attained
By living to finish from start

At some point in being
You might end up seeing
That keeping score is
Apropos to what war is
Ergo wind up fleeing

In your life's wandering
Don't ignore pondering
O'er spiritual meaning
Perhaps intervening
Thus fending off squandering

Something useful done
Can benefit one
Who, seeming nervous
Ne'ertheless does a service
For a needful heart to be won

​                   Henry Francisco


Many times it seems

We are bigger that we are

But then... Who isn't?


FUN, BY JOVE © Port Whitman Times 2006
     Life is short, right? And when you get to the "coming to the end" stage, and see people you know falling off the edge - at whatever age their edge claims them - you realize that in pursuing whatever you went after, you might not have had as much FUN as you could have, because you had to GET this or that, or you had to show somebody that you could BE this or that, that you thought they expected you to be, and so you went along with what you thought they thought instead of what you wanted. But man wasn't originally built that way. After all, the cave people, the nomads, pursued FUN along with pursuing life, did what they felt like at the moment, instead of always looking at the long picture. Now I am a Christian in that I believe in the philosophies of Jesus, but this thing called The Christian Work Ethic, wasn't His invention, that was drummed up many centuries after He lived on earth, to keep people in line, and aimed in the right direction, i.e., toward "Heaven" - away from what inventors of the work ethic deemed to be sinful. And that's okay if you believe in the work ethic and can be satisfied following it, keeping your nose to the grindstone. But it ignores FUN, that for which we were put on this earth. I don't mean life is entirely fun, especially if it comes at the expense of others for whom one is or has become responsible, but to cram in as much of it as one can is only human.
     Ah, responsibility. You make your bed, you must sleep in it. Well, not exactly, you can get up, leave the bed behind, and pursue fun full time; but that wouldn't be seemly, you must think of those whom you brought into the world, and how much FUN it is being them, show them how to live and have fun in their circumstances, in whatever milieu you find yourselves. You don't have to be rich or live in a nice house or drive a nice car or even eat the best food or wear the best clothes, jewelry, have the latest computer, cellphone, iPod, etc., to have fun. REAL fun is cheap. Singing is fun. Playing a musical instrument is fun. Can't afford a musical instrument? People throw them away every day now, and I remind you, the fun isn't in the instrument, it's in the music you make with it. So play, sing, whistle, dance. 
     Which people have the most FUN out of life? The Masters Of The Universe, The Great Performers, the Airplane Pilots, the Mercenary Soldiers, the __________________ (fill in your own concept)? No. We ALL have the most fun. It's not what we do, whether it be for a living or for diversion, but when we are doing it, i.e., the stage at which we are looking forward to the actual doing of whatever we choose to do. The learning stage. That's why dilettantes have the best time. Yes, dilettantes, dabblers. You can dabble at anything, dabble at a job, after all what is a job at first but a learning experience? People who go up the fast track to become CEO's are really the biggest dabblers, learning each rung as they rise, and being fortunate enough to move up a rung when the current rung gets boring, else they move laterally to the same rung on a different ladder. Up, up, learn this job, then progress to the next, and if you're stuck, that's when life becomes painful, and probably it's a good thing to look elsewhere. Not for the same dull job, but for something completely different, something that interests you, amuses you, something you can tolerate and make a living at until something better appears on the horizon. Something that's FUN. After all, in the short span of life, there isn't enough fun, too much commuting to work and not enough riding the roller coaster.
     Some may say "you should have done this" or "you should have done that," and they might have been right, for them. One could look back and say "I could have taken this path instead of that, or gone here instead of there or said this instead of that, but I didn't, so what can I do about it now?" Well, life still goes on, there's more fun to be had, not the same fun that there was when the body was able to handle more rigorous activities, but gentler fun, that doesn't require great leaps to satisfy one's self by being amused. Oh yes, amused, for amusement is the raw material of FUN.
     So it's on with life, with breathing and sleeping and putting one foot in front of the other, playing, singing, carrying on. Having fun. Damned if I'm not gonna have fun; maybe damned for the fun I've had. But then... it's been fun. Henry Francisco - PortWhitmanTimes