DEAR PREZ TRUMP... ​©PortWhitmanTimes 2016
Repeating something we both learned at Penn's Wharton School: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – fortunately now for you and for the United States at-large, louder than ever. As much as anyone could, Mr. President-Elect, you made it to the top all-by-yourself, without the aid of the Republican Establishment, with your own money. You can do what you want, run things the way you think they should be run.
     You are now graduated from political consultancy where, using an old Wharton School adage, "Knowing less about your business than you do, (the consultant) nevertheless tells you how to run it, at a price you can ill afford to pay, even if you ran it the way you should instead of the way he tells you to…" to political prac-ticality. Things now be– what they are…
     As chief executive you will have risen, most importantly without the help of those who tried to knock you down in pre-can-didacy-debate-land, thus a as a virtual dictator (at least within the Republican establishment) of our beloved country, as much as the congress, which has you to thank, and courts, who will have you to thank, will allow you to be. If you so desire, they will do your bidding, within the bounds of reality... and practicability.
     The reality is what it is. So be it. The practicability, however, lies within your imagination, which brings up… the possi-bilities– being all we can be, to paraphrase the words of the Army slogan. What's at stake is our reality, i.e., what's actually going to happen. You have probably more advantage in controlling that than any president in memory, so can re-shape the country, steer it in whatever direction you choose, make it better to your specifica-tions. And to our satisfaction. (KNOCK, KNOCK).      
Henry Francisco - PW Times

Go, pursue a dream
Odd though that may seem
Time here to live
Your energy give,
Life's new leases teem...


Improbables rule
If sometimes cruel;
Where dreams abide
Let them be a guide
To ward off seeming a fool

Reality waits
While a dream creates
A fanciful scene
That could intervene
In what existence dictates

Live life, have fun
After all, only one
Might be what you get
So don't place a bet
On what's coming after it's done

Comicbooks bring ya
Stories which sing ya
An ultra-reality
Yeah, a modality
Into which they can string ya

Telling tales out-of-school
Might well turn the fool
Cast as the butt
Embarrassed somewhat
To come back and be spitefully cruel

At the mercy of the system
The choice: Go with d'em
Or stubbornly resist
At which point they'll desist
Then you'll be off to abyss-dom

Like a flat rock
Taking a walk
Skip o'er a smooth pond
To a future beyond
What can be seen from the dock

To up and compete 
Don't sink down and cheat
Be bigger, faster, more, less
Unafraid of largesse
In giving yourself a front seat 

When competitive pace
Gets up in your face
Yet, winning prizes
Within sight arises
Simply invent a new race

A million years old
Earth, from a mold
Perfected by God 
Has us all awed
At what's yet to unfold

From a ball of clay
Man was formed one day;
The Creator, goes the tale
Who'd made Earth, said "Today'll
Get a Biblical myth underway."

There is no shell
In which one can dwell
Forceful words can't pierce
With a point that is fierce,
Pungently casting their spell

Swindlers use religions
Turning fools into "pigeons"
With messages carried
From those who are buried
Extracting donations in smidgens


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