Go, pursue a dream
Odd though that may seem
Time here to live
Your energy give,
Life's new leases teem...

SOLE POWER©PortWhitmanTimes 2007
     PORT WHITMAN: Robert M. Seyboldt, of PW's Bricktowne Section, has won the 1986 Manfred Stindel Power Prize for his invention of Static Sidewalks, which will, within 10 years, supply free power for all of PW's electric needs, including heat, light and most industrial uses, free to resident taxpayers.
     According to Assistant Mayor Charles Conti, and by recent ordinance of the city council, PW sidewalks will henceforth be made of Boldtane, a material to absorb an electric charge, while taxpayers' shoes, will be soled with Boldtrex, a corresponding material to impart that charge, to the sidewalks by walking Port Whitmanites. Citizens will be encouraged to shuffle as they walk, to increase the amount of charge transmitted to the system, and the energy will be transmitted to underground acid storage modules at the old PW Arbuckle coal mines.
     John P. Kitchen, Professor Laureate of the PW Inst. of Technology, expressed relief that his invention of Static Electricity Storage Modules would, after several decades, finally be put to constructive use, having previously been employed as everything from swamp mines in Viet Nam to traps for Alaskan wildlife by poachers who lifted the technology from the U.S. military.
     The Public Works Dept. of the city, has scheduled installation of the sidewalks, which will be laid on top of concrete or brick already down, to begin within 6 months, with the mayor laying the first section, and Hyde Shoes of the city, has already begun manufacturing the material for the shoe soles, having leased manufacturing technology from Seyboldt prior to completion of working models.

           Henry Francisco - Port Whitman Times


Like a flat rock
Taking a walk
Skip o'er a smooth pond
To a future beyond
What can be seen from the dock

To up and compete 
Don't sink down and cheat
Be bigger, faster, more, less
Unafraid of largesse
In giving yourself a front seat 

When competitive pace
Gets up in your face
Yet, winning prizes
Within sight arises
Simply invent a new race

A million years old
Earth, from a mold
Perfected by God 
Has us all awed
At what's yet to unfold

From a ball of clay
Man was formed one day;
The Creator, goes the tale
Who'd made Earth, said "Today'll
Get a Biblical myth underway."

There is no shell
In which one can dwell
Forceful words can't pierce
With a point that is fierce,
Pungently casting their spell

Swindlers use religions
Turning fools into "pigeons"
With messages carried
From those who are buried
Extracting donations in smidgens

If your job is your passion
You're likely to cash in;
The pleasure of working
Even soda jerking
Of tasty fun has its ration

Life: an escapade
One long promenade
Down streets of dreams
Or thusly it seems…
Merely a masquerade

Slow down readers' thinking
To the speed of your inking.
That's all writing is
Gee whiz!
From what were you shrinking?

The writer decides
What to show or to hide
From the perspective
Of what is effective
And that to the reader confides

The perfect existence:
Keeping one's distance
Having the fun
Without even one
Tiny grain of of resistance

When finally you view
Naught but defects anew
And life has worn out
Then the new goal's about
A heavenly slot to pursue

Becoming relevant
In an age that seems elegant
We struggle to fit
Then finally commit
Just to become pertinent

Death raps hard at the door
Sez "What have you done before?"
You answer "Here, read it
You'll surely concede it's
Performance you cannot deplore."


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